Challenge (Summer 2011)

I am entering the summer challenge. I know I probably won't win, but what if I do? There are so many neat things to do for the challenge. I will keep my activity log here. This is going to be fun!!!

Summer’s here!
While you won’t be seeing your students in the classroom each day, you can still help them avoid the summer slide by letting them know about’s Summer Activities Challenge. The Challenge is an exciting (and free) way for your students and their parents to have fun learning this summer. And they’ll each have a chance to win a $500 Back to School Splurge or one of 10 Indoor/Outdoor Kids Croquet sets.

Here's how they play (you can forward this info right to them or post it on your class website):

Sign up for the Challenge. It's free!
Complete 5 activities by July 31st.There are thousands of fun and educational activities to choose from. They're all organized by grade and subject so you can easily find the best activities for your kids.
Get great stuff! One lucky family will take home a $500 Back to School Splurge, 10 families will get treated to an Indoor/Outdoor Kids Croquet Set, and everyone who completes the Challenge will receive a personalized certificate of achievement.
Questions? Email us Thanks…and happy summer! The Team

I did my first activity. I made a balloon powered car. And it worked. Here is the link to the activity

I completed another activity in the challenge. I made paint fireworks. Here is a link to the activity

Here is my next activity. Fireworks in a bottle. It just looks like fireworks though. I am posting videos in the Science is Fun page. Here is the link to the activity.

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