2011 Summer Reading List!

 Books That I Want To Read:
The Ramona Series
The Magic Tree House Series
Encyclopedia Brown
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Junie B., First Grader

Judy Moody

Reading is not easy for me. I really don't like doing it. I promised my teacher I would read every day during the summer just to practice. I will post my books here. I would love to hear what everyone else is reading.

My first book was Beezus and Ramona.  I started it before school was over.

It is a story about a four year girl who is bratty and ruins her older sister's life. She does things like throws a party with worm cookies. But she doesn't tell anyone she is doing it until her friends get there. She also messed up two of her sister's birthday cakes and locked the dog in the bathroom. Her sister, Beezus starts to hate her and feels bad. Her aunt tells her it's okay to feel like that sometimes.

 On Sunday June 12, 2011, I am going to start reading a new book. Ramona the Pest. I can't wait to see how she messes things up.

Friday June 17, 2011

I am still reading Romona the Pest. I'm am going slow but I was right she is a brat. This week mom read to me from Junie B. First Grader. My teacher suggested these books. This one is called Boss of Lunch. I really liked the story a lot. Junie sounds a lot like Ramona. 

In the story Junie gets a new lunchbox and bugs her class with it. Then she  gets to help in the school kitchen but she messes it up and she makes all of her friends mad at her. At the end she helps again and it all gets fixed. I think May is really mean. When I was in regular school there were lots of kids like that. 

Added Rosemary's Witch to the list. It is a great story.

We added another book to the finished list.
Amelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist
Dinosaurs Before Dark

X Men: Night of The Sentinels

This is taken from a show that was on tv and is really awesome. Lots of tech to get ideas from. A mutant hunting agency is taking mutants and the X Men have to rescue them.

Go West, Amelia Bedelia!

I really liked this story and I learned some things. Amelia goes to a ranch where you can pretend to be a cowboy. She messes up things like she thinks a cow punch punches cows. She thinks the chuck wagon is Chuck's wagon. I didn't know about thing painting the town red. I would have thought it meant painting too.

The Knight At Dawn

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